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Holy Matrimony


To schedule a date for Holy Matrimony at IC Parish,  please contact the Rectory at 505-425-7791.


1. All couples are required to meet with Father George twice. The first appointment is to set wedding date (tentatively) and go over all other requirements needed prior to your wedding.


2. All couples are REQUIRED to attend a Marriage Weekend, which is offered every six months here at the Immaculate Conception. Dates will be posted in the bulletin and applications  will are available in the office (1 or 2 months before the scheduled weekend). A copy of the certificate of attendance is needed for the Marriage File.


3. After you attend the Marriage Weekend, call the IC Office to schedule your second appointment with Father George. During this meeting you will confirm wedding date and complete the necessary paperwork for your Marriage File.


For this meeting you will need the to bring the following:


*An updated (newly issued and currently dated) copy of your Baptismal Certificate with all notifications on it. (The notifications will include dates of First Holy Communion & Confirmation). You can obtain this certificate at the Parish Office of the Church you were baptized at.


*A copy of the Certificate of attendance to the Marriage Weekend.


*Your Marriage License. (Obtained at the County Clerks Office)


*$150.00 non-refundable fee for the use of the Church.


4. Your wedding rehearsal is scheduled for Friday evening before your wedding day, promptly after the 5:15 mass, all members of the wedding must attend. We ask that they all be on time (punctuality is VERY IMPORTANT) and lined up in the order they will be entering the church.



5. The day of the wedding all members of the wedding party must be here at least 15 minutes before the ceremony. Once again punctuality is important. The ceremony will begin exactly at the hour it is scheduled for.


6. Regarding the ceremony, please note that no isle runners are allowed or throwing of rice, flower petals, confetti, bird seeds, etc. inside or outside of the church building. Our insurance does not allowed because there are considered to be slip hazards as well as being a large inconvenience to clean up after the ceremony. Please notify your wedding party and family members about this policy prior to the ceremony. Also note that the use of scotch or masking tape are not allowed to be used on the pews if you chose to decorate. We also ask that the church be tidied up following the ceremony (someone walk through and pick up any trash, flowers, etc. off the floor and pews). We often have other weddings or functions the same day.


7. The unity candle, is allowed and you are welcomed to have one. The minor rite involving the Lasso and arras is part if the Catholic Marriage Rite from ancient Spain, this is also permitted. The unity candle should be placed at the altar before the ceremony begins and if you have a lasso and/or arras the best man should have them with him and present them to the priest at the time of the blessing of the wedding bands.


8. Wedding Music chosen must be sacred music and appropriate for Catholic Liturgy and not secular in nature. Choirs selected form the Parish should be familiar with appropriate liturgical music for the wedding. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE CHIOR YOURSELF AND THE APPROPRIATE ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE.




Reina de los Cielos: 425-5967

Juan Ortega: 425-9155

Divinas Alabanzas: Ruby Ortiz 425-5571

Gloria de Dios: Marlene Svenneby 426-9202

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe: Florian Castillo 429-9087



9. Readings for the ceremony can be picked up at the office. There is a total of 3 readings for the ceremony, the bride and groom must pick one reading from each of the pages. The reader must be ready to do the readings during mass and they must bring the readings with them to church because a copy will not be available in the church.


If you have any questions about the following requirements please contact the IC Office at 425-7791.


Mass Schedule:

  • Weekday: Monday-Friday 6:30am and 5:15pm

  • Saturday Anticipated: 6:00pm
  • Sunday:
  • 8am, 9:30am (Spanish), 11am, 6pm


  • Holy Day & Vigil:
  • 6:30am, 12:10pm, 5:30pm


  • Mass Anticipation before Holy day: 5:15pm


Saturday 4-5pm and by appointment

Adoration Schedule:

Daily 5:00am to 12:00 Midnight in St. Joseph's Chapel.

Liturgy of the Hour Schedule:

Monday - Friday  
  • Morning Prayer 6:15am
  • Evening Prayer 5:00pm